1W ARDF 2m Transmitter (2020)
Power supply: built in Li-Ion accumulator 3.7 V/3400 mAh
Charger: built-in automatic, supplied from any 5 V DC source
Charging current: 300 mA
Operating temperature range: -10 ...+50C
Dimensions: 70 (W) x 50(H) x 120 (D) mm
Weight: 300 g with accumulator and antenna
Carrier frequency: 144.5 MHz, 144.7 MHz and 144.9 MHz
Mode: A2A
Output RF power: 1 W PEP
DC current: max 0.5 A @4 V
Antenna: cross dipole
LED output power indication
Total hunt time: 6 hours (software limited)
Transmitted codes: MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH, MO5, MON, MOD, MO and S
Keying speed: 60 or 75 PARIS
12 s transmit, 48 s space
60 s transmit, 240 s space (Classic 1/5 min)
60 s transmit, 360 s space (Classic 1/7 min)
Time base accuracy: 10 ppm (1 s/day)
Start delay: 0…21 hours, in 3 hours increments.